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"Couldn’t make an appointment in person so Carina made me a voice clip that I was able to listen to in my own home. Was looking to try and curb my late night snacking. Was always a bit dubious about this kind of thing however I have to say after one listen the next few days I snacked a whole lot less. Was advised to listen again and use the techniques explained in the personalised clip. All in all a successful first venture into hypnotherapy for me. Thanks."

"Carina sent me an anxiety hypnotherapy to listen to as I'm in the US.  We are in the middle of shutdown due to the corona virus and I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious about the whole thing.  I sat and listened  to Carina's soothing voice and felt all the tension leave my muscles and for the first time in two weeks I felt completely relaxed.  Afterwards I felt calm and for the first time in ages I slept really well.  The breathing techniques have helped me for sure..... That half hour of tranquillity is the best self-care I could have given myself.  Absolutely recommend!!" 

"Thank you for the hypnotherapy session, it worked a treat! I've not had a cigarette since I had the session and no cravings."

"Fantastic results from public speaking hypnotherapy. I am usually a nervous wreck when presenting but after a quick session with Carina I was able to deliver a presentation confidently, without feeling like my heart was about to explode or I was going to be sick. Instead I felt calm and actually enjoyed the experience. Highly recommend"

I" had a fantastic session with Carina to help deal with my anxiety. Honestly I was blown away by how effective just one session was. From a skeptic to a true believer - I would absolutely recommend Carina’s hypnotherapy services"

"It works"

"What a pleasant and relaxing experience I had with Carina. Carina helped me over come issues I had surrounding my confidence using hypnotherapy. Carina was so professional and put me at ease by explaining the process of hypnosis to me, this allowed me to know exactly what was going happen during our session. I will most definitely visit again. Thank you Carina."

"Carina made me feel at ease and the experience was relaxing. I was anxious if this was for me or not but am very glad I decided to try it. Great service and results I would recommend."

"Wow! How sensitive and powerful ! Carina was so professional and made the session such relaxing experience ! I know that something has already clicked in my mind by the immediate effect after our time !
Deeply thankful Carina, for your manner and skill!"

I had some hypnotherapy with Carina for weigh loss.  The hypnotherapy session itself was so relaxing.  You are in complete control and can stop if you want to, however, it is very unlikely that you will want it to end. Carina is very good at getting you to a relaxed state and the whole experience was a pleasurable one.  After the session I was extremely relaxed but had a sense of energy and determination.  Since the session I have enjoyed eating healthy foods, especially fruit and had no desire for sweet food.  Highly recommend Carina for a positive and relaxing hypnotherapy session.

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